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Flaxseed Gel vs. Flaxseed Oil: which one is better?

What is Better: Flaxseed Gel or Flaxseed Oil?

Both Flaxseed Gel and Flaxseed Oil contain a wonderful plethora of ingredients for boosting the health of your hair. But, which one is better? Let'...
real flaxseed gel for hair

How Do You Know That You Have Real Flaxseed Gel?

You will find that there are quite a few products labeled flaxseed gel. However, a true flaxseed gel is not widely available in stores unfortunatel...
Flaxseed Gel should be used on wet hair for best results

Should You Use Flaxseed Gel on Wet or Dry Hair?

Flaxseed Gel should be applied to wet or damp hair, so that the product is distributed more evenly. When the product is applied to dry hair it does...
How often to use flaxseed gel

How Often Should I Use Flaxseed Gel On My Hair?

You should use Flaxseed Gel on your hair once per week to avoid product buildup and protein overload.  Use Flaxseed Gel in Moderation Flaxseed Gel ...
how to get curls in hair

A Complete Guide to Getting Perfect Curls in Your Hair

Do you want your natural hair to look curly? Here is the easy process that can be done 20 -30 minutes or less, for turning your fro into defined cu...

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