Does Flaxseed Gel Flake Hair Out

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Does Flaxseed Gel Flake Your Hair Out?


Does Flaxseed Gel Flake Your Hair Out?


Hey, curl friends! ✨ Let's chat about something super exciting—flaxseed gel! It's like the secret sauce for defining those gorgeous curls, but there's a little catch. Sometimes, when you whip it up at home, it can get a teeny bit flaky. No one wants that, right?

Add an oil or emollient to your Flaxseed Gel

So, here’s the scoop: if you’re going all mad scientist and making a strong hold gel, remember to slip a little oil or emollient into the mix. This tiny step can make a huge difference—it’s like giving your gel a little hug, helping it keep things smooth and not flaky.

You can also alternatively apply to the oil to your hair after the flaxseed gel has been applied to kick flakes to the curb.

But hey, if you're not into playing kitchen chemist or just not a big fan of oils no worries!

Don't like to cook? We got you!

For non-chefs and those who just dread the kitchen Reclaim Your Crown offers 100% Real Flaxseed Gel. We add vegetable glycerin and organic honey to our formula which helps to moisturize your hair and prevent flakes from happening in the first place.

Say hello, moisture! Goodbye, flakes with our 100% Real Flaxseed Gel! Isn’t that just the best? So, whether you're DIY-ing or buying, you've got options to keep those curls bouncy, beautiful, and flake-free! 💖

By Ariane Williams

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