Rice Water for Hair Growth

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Rice Water for Hair Growth


Rice Water for Hair Growth


Use Rice Water for hair growth in your healthy hair care journey, it's filled with wonderful nutrients like Amino Acids, Vitamin B and more! 

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How long will it take Rice Water to grow your hair?

With consistent use and good hair care expect to see results in 3 months and dramatic results in 6 months.

Our hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month. Some people have hair growth rates that are slightly over this rate and some are slightly under.

Unfortunately, nothing has been scientifically proven to speed this rate up. However, the products that you use and the way you care for your hair will help you to fight off breakage and hold onto more length.

How to use Rice Water for hair growth

Many people have used Rice Water as a rinse out conditioner, by doing the following:

  • Boiling rice in water until the water becomes milky white.
  • Straining the rice from the water.
  • Some people like to ferment their Rice Water so they let it sit on a shelf in a covered jar for a day. You can do this for a more potent mix or you can simply proceed to the next step.
  • The Rice Water is then mixed with water to dilute your solution, Rice Water is very potent. 
  • You can add a few drops of essential oils for a more pleasant smell.
  • Let your mix cool and then you can apply to your hair.
  • You can put the mixture in a large bowl and let your hair soak in it for a few minutes or if you have a spray bottle you can spray the mix on your hair, let it set for a while and then rinse out.

If you try this, I promise you, your hair is going to feel super soft and buttery! It is quite delightful. 

How should I store homemade Rice Water?

For any left over Rice Water that you have you must store in your refrigerator and discard after a week. Being that Rice Water is water based it will be prone to bacterial growth.

How often can you use Rice Water on hair?

Everyday! We have a solution that gives you all the benefits of a Rice Water rinse, can be left on your hair and does not require refrigeration.

Our Rice Water Leave in Conditioner is made using the official process too, no shortcuts! Many widely available Rice Water products simply are using a Rice extract or protein powder. Unfortunately, most are not taking the time to boil rice in water to release the wonderful nutrients that it has, but we are!

Reclaim Your Crown Rice Water Leave in conditioner is moisturizing, will leave your hair feeling super soft and will help you in growing stronger and more healthy hair.

It has a simple formulation using 100% Real Rice Water, lavender and vanilla essential oil and a paraben free preservative to prevent bacterial growth.


What are some other benefits of Rice Water?

  • Softer hair 
  • Shinier hair
  • More moisturized hair
  • Stronger hair
  • Lightweight
  • Mixes well with other products you may use

What are some cons of using Rice Water?

If your hair is protein sensitive or low porosity use Rice Water in moderation, 2-3 a week is a good starting point. If you have low porosity hair or are protein sensitive product buildup may happen more easily, which in turn can lead to hair dryness.

What are the origins of Rice Water?

Rice water has been used in many Asian cultures for hundreds of years, many of us are late to the party!

"In the Heian Period of Japanese history - 794 to 1185 CE, the court ladies had beautiful long hair that was floor-length. They were said to use rice water for hair daily". (Source)

Even today a group of women known as Yoa that reside in a Chinese village are known for their extremely long hair. And guess what they use? Rice Water! (Source)

By Ariane Williams

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