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How Do You Know That You Have Real Flaxseed Gel?


How Do You Know That You Have Real Flaxseed Gel?


You will find that there are quite a few products labeled flaxseed gel. However, a true flaxseed gel is not widely available in stores unfortunately.

The next time you go to the store, take a look at the ingredients when you see a "flaxseed gel" product. 99% of the time you are going to see something that says "Flaxseed protein", " Flaxseed Oil" or "Flaxseed Extract". Nothing is wrong with these ingredients, but they are NOT flaxseed gel.

Flaxseed gel is produced by boiling flaxseed gel in water until the seeds release an all natural nutrient rich gel. It's a time consuming process in comparison to sprinkling in an oil or powder to your formula which is why it's not found easily in your local stores.

Depending on the type of flaxseeds used and how long they were boiled flaxseed gel has a yellowy to brownish tint. So if you are seeing a product claiming to be flaxseed gel and it is not this color this means that some sort of a dye to change the coloring of the gel is being used or it's not actually flaxseed gel.

While other Flaxseed ingredients are great, real Flaxseed Gel is the winner in this competition because it fights frizz, defines curls, has a great hold and nourishes the hair with powerful nutrients like Vitamin B, Omega-3, Vitamin E and so much more!

Reclaim Your Crown takes pride in providing a real source of Flaxseed Gel so that you can enjoy the benefits for gorgeous style and healthier hair.

By Ariane Williams

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