Flaxseed Gel should be used on wet hair for best results

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Should You Use Flaxseed Gel on Wet or Dry Hair?


Should You Use Flaxseed Gel on Wet or Dry Hair?


Flaxseed Gel should be applied to wet or damp hair, so that the product is distributed more evenly. When the product is applied to dry hair it doesn't absorb as well and you may run into issues like flaking.

Get the Best Curl Definition from Flaxseed Gel When Your Hair is Wet

If your goal is to define your curls by using Flaxseed Gel, wet hair is going to be your best option. When your natural hair is wet your curls are in the best state to pop and applying the flaxseed gel helps to lock in that curl definition. If you plan on doing a wash & go, finger coils or a twist out this is the route to go. 

Does Your Hair Have Issues Absorbing Product? Apply to Damp Hair Instead.

Simply lightly towel dry your hair first to remove access water and then apply the gel. For someone with low porosity hair, when the hair is soaking wet and you attempt to apply product it tends to roll off the hair strands. The key here is keeping the hair in a dampened state but not totally saturated. 

What If I Don't Want to Style My Hair When it is Wet?

If you do not want to style your hair when it is wet, you should either spray your hair with a light water based product first or mix with a butter or oil product. This will help distribute the product better so that it does not get flaky. 



By Ariane Williams

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