How to Use Flaxseed Gel for Hair

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How to Use Flaxseed Gel for Hair and Get the Best Results


How to Use Flaxseed Gel for Hair and Get the Best Results


Flaxseed Gel is produced when flaxseeds are boiled in water. The seeds produce a lovely all natural gel packed with nutrients that can be used to style hair.

However, when you don't know how to use it properly you may end up with flaky hair, product build-up, dry hair, crunchy curls or even worse...horrible style results!

Here's what you need to do for the best experience:



1. Apply Flaxseed Gel to Damp Hair

You are going to get the best results pairing flaxseed gel to damp hair.

The reason why you want to apply to wet hair is because Flaxseed Gel is soluble and will distribute through your hair more evenly with water. This eliminates the risk that your hair will get flaky. 

Applying flaxseed gel to wet hair also maximizes curl definition. 

We recommend damp hair, rather than soaking wet hair. With soaking wet hair,  there is a chance that the gel will roll off of your hair and not absorb the product (especially if your hair is low porosity).

After you have freshly washed your hair, lightly towel dry your hair and then apply your flaxseed gel to damp hair.


2. Your Flaxseed Gel Needs to Be Mixed Properly

Pure flaxseed gel is sure to bring out the best curl definition. However, it can be too firm of a hold and cause flaking if you do not have the right ratio of water and flaxseeds.

If you are creating your own Flaxseed Gel be aware that a little bit of flaxseeds go a long way. Or you can purchase Flaxseed Gel that already has the perfect mix and save yourself some time.



3. The More Gel You Apply to Your Hair the Firmer the Hold Will Be

When applying a gel product you should expect your hair to have a medium to firm hold. 

This is NOT a bad thing. The hold is what locks the curl definition in and keeps your hair from from becoming frizzy. 

Using a large amount of product can leave your hair feeling crunchy so if you do not like this, use less product.


4. Use Your Gel to Create a Wide Range of Styles

  • Wash & Go's
  • Twist Outs
  • Braid Outs
  • Bantu Knot Outs
  • Coil Outs
  • Finger Coils
  • Two Strand Twists
  • Re-twist Locs
  • Sleek styles

5. Maintaining Your Style

- A little bit of flaxseed gel goes a long way. Once you apply you do not have to re-use anymore product for at least a week. 

- Avoid re-applying too much product. This can cause product build-up, dry your hair out and make it flaky.

- If your hair needs moisture simply let the steam from your morning shower wake your hair up or lightly mist with water or a water based product.

- Always wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet to keep moisture in your hair and prevent your bedding from drying your curls out.


6. Make Sure Your Hair is Healthy

Hair that has split ends and damage is hard to style. Your curls also will be more frizzy and lack definition. When you wear your hair natural trimming your hair is still important. A baseline recommendation is to trim every 3 to 4 months.


Ready to try a nutrient packed all natural styling gel? Shop natural and pure flaxseed gel here.

By Ariane Williams

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