Woman with 4c hair using Flaxseed Gel

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Does Flaxseed Gel Work on 4C Hair


Does Flaxseed Gel Work on 4C Hair


Flaxseed Gel indeed works on 4C hair and works on ALL hair types. It is a versatile gel that can be used on curly, wavy, coily hair or even locs and sleek styles. 


@reclaimyourcrown before vs. after The Curl Elixir Flaxseed Gel ep.2 #reclaimyourcrown #flaxseedgel ♬ original sound - reclaimyourcrown


"This gel has changed my life. I’ve been “natural” since 2020. I’ve spent at least 1k on products since trying to find something that would give my 4d coily hair definition. I saw an ad on IG the other day and noticed that the lady’s hair on the ad matched mine but was shiny and had definition. I figured one more product won’t hurt. While it’s probably ideal to try it on clean hair; I had an event an zero time so I tried it anyways…. Bayybeee my hair is amazing!

My hair is defined and hasn’t gotten hard or crunchy, and all I’ve had to do each morning is spray a lil water on it, fluff and GO…" - Lisa

@reclaimyourcrown curls defined 8 hrs later. #reclaimyourcrown #naturallycurly ♬ GASLIGHT - INJI

Ariane Williams, Creator of Reclaim Your Crown Curl Elixir Flaxseed Gel as shown above has 4b coily hair type.

Women with 4C Hair can even use Flaxseed Gel to create a wash n go look. On damp hair you should apply section by section shingling through with your fingers and the gel to define curls or use a detangling comb to create definition.

Woman with 4C Hair Using Flaxseed Gel

The Curl Elixir Flaxseed Gel is designed to help curls clump and form together. The honey in our formula reduces frizz, adds shine to the hair and aids with curl formation. The thickness on the gel ensures that it defines coily hair textures.

Customer of Curl Elixir Flaxseed Gel


What makes flaxseed gel such a great product is that it is all-natural and derived from flaxseeds when they are boiled, it gives your hair nutrients, moisture and it does an impeccable job of bringing out the best in your curls.

By Ariane Williams

Make your natural hair curly and defined

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