Flaxseed Gel vs. Flaxseed Oil: which one is better?

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What is Better: Flaxseed Gel or Flaxseed Oil?


What is Better: Flaxseed Gel or Flaxseed Oil?


Both Flaxseed Gel and Flaxseed Oil contain a wonderful plethora of ingredients for boosting the health of your hair. But, which one is better? Let's compare the two:

Flaxseed Gel

Water-based (moisturizing)

Multi-purpose styler (Defines curls, Twist Outs, Loc Re-Twists and Sleek Styles)

Fights Frizz 



Vitamin B

Vitamin E


Flaxseed Oil

Oil based (lubricant)

Fights frizz 

Adds shine 



Vitamin B

Vitamin E

The Difference Between the Two

Flaxseed Gel and Flaxseed Oil have the same benefits with the exception of a couple differentiators. 

Flaxseed Gel is moisturizing to the hair because it is water-based. The gel also is a great multi-purpose hair styler for natural hair as it defines curls, twist outs, loc-retwists and can be used for sleek ponytails and buns. Flaxseed Gel is a go to if you are looking to add nutrients to your hair, moisture and to enhance your style.

Flaxseed Oil is great for adding shine to hair, reducing frizz and comes along with the same health benefits for hair as the gel does. However, the oil on its own is not moisturizing and is not a good styler. If you are looking to add nutrients to your hair, shine and reduce frizz it's a great choice.

Real Flaxseed Gel is hard to come across because most large hair product manufacturers prefer to use Flaxseed Oil

This is because in short, Flaxseed Gel is more time consuming to make. Whereas adding an oil into a gel solution is easier.

If you look at the ingredients on the popular mainstream products found in stores you will find the vast majority are not using Flaxseed Gel. Even if their product is called Flaxseed Gel.

Typically you will see Flaxseed Oil, Flaxseed Protein or Flaxseed Extract on the product ingredients label. 

Why Flaxseed Gel for Hair is Hard to Come By

True Flaxseed Gel is made by boiling Flaxseeds in water until a nutrient rich gel is released from the seeds. Many people do this at home all the time and store the gel in their fridge for a week. 

If you have come to love what Flaxseed Gel can do for your hair or are curious to see, you can purchase 100% REAL Flaxseed Gel from us. We use the real deal and include a paraben free preservative in a our formula so you do not have to worry about storing your gel in the fridge. 

Which one is better?

This would depend on what goals for you have for your hair. If you are looking for a product that will deliver moisture, nutrients and style Flaxseed Gel is the winner. However, if you simply looking for the nutrients Flaxseed offers and want to add shine to your hair, Flaxseed Oil is a good option.

By Ariane Williams

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