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Master the Perfect Roller Set Hairstyle Using Flaxseed Gel


Master the Perfect Roller Set Hairstyle Using Flaxseed Gel

Hey gorgeous!

So, you're ready to turn heads with those bouncy, shiny curls from a roller set that just screams "I woke up like this" glamour? Girl, we've got the perfect secret weapon for you: Reclaim Your Crown Flaxseed Gel. Trust me, it's about to become your hair's best friend. Let's dive into how you can achieve that amazing roller set hairstyle that'll have you feeling like a queen.

My results using flaxseed gel for a roller set hairstyle

First things first, let's talk prep.

Make sure your hair is clean and conditioned, giving it all the love it deserves.


Now, while your hair is still damp (not dripping wet, honey, we don't want a mess), let's get to the fun part. Grab your jar of Reclaim Your Crown Flaxseed Gel and apply it generously through your hair. This stuff is gold—it's packed with nutrients like Omega-3 and Vitamin B that will not only help style your hair but also keep it healthy, hydrated, and oh-so-shiny.

Hair in rollers

Now, grab your rollers.

It doesn't matter if you're team velcro, flexi, straws or magnetic rollers; Reclaim Your Crown Flaxseed Gel is here to work its magic. Start from the ends of your hair and roll upwards towards the scalp, securing the rollers in place. The great thing about this gel is that it provides a stronghold without the crunchiness—yes, girl, we said goodbye to the crunch a long time ago. Feel free to give your hair a little pep talk as you go, letting it know it's about to look fabulous.

Roller set using flaxseed gel results

Once you've got all your rollers in place, give your hair some time to set.

You can air dry if you're not in a rush (perfect time for some self-pampering), or you can sit under a dryer if you're on a tighter schedule. When your hair is completely dry, gently remove the rollers and voilà! Use your fingers to separate the curls lightly, and if you're feeling extra, a quick flip of the hair will add that final touch of volume.

And there you have it, beauty! An amazing roller set hairstyle that's bound to turn heads, all thanks to the wonders of Reclaim Your Crown Flaxseed Gel. Go ahead and snap that selfie, because honey, you look stunning. Remember, every day is a good hair day when you Reclaim Your Crown!

By Ariane Williams

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