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Make Short Natural Hair Curly, Defined and Shiny

make short natural hair curly

Whether your texture is curly or coily you can easily achieve the look of defined curls in 20 minutes or less on short natural hair. Here are some tips for achieving a cute cropped and curly style:



Step 1: Always style damp freshly washed hair

This removes any product buildup, oil or dirt and the product that you apply for curl definition will be better absorbed. Being that you have shorter tresses, wash day is not as big of an ordeal compared to if you have longer hair. All you have to do is use a good moisturizing shampoo and rinse until thoroughly cleansed.

Step 2: Apply your flaxseed gel

Apply an ample amount of flaxseed gel to damp hair for style and hold.

Step 3: Create Curl Definition

Using the gel rake the gel or twirl your strands for curl definition. Another option depending on the length of your hair is to use a sponge brush.

Step 4: Dry Your Hair

You can air dry your hair or use a blow dryer if you'd like to speed up the process. If you are styling your hair at night, definitely use the blow dryer as you should avoid going to bed with soaking wet hair as this can cause matting and breakage.


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