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How to Make Natural Hair Softer, Shiny and Strong


How to Make Natural Hair Softer, Shiny and Strong


If you feel like your natural hair could feel softer then read on. Every natural wants their hair to look great and to feel great too. Here are simple steps that you can take to make your natural hair softer, shiny and strong:

If you have damaged hair, let it go and get a trim

Go to a professional and have them trim away any split ends that you may have. Split ends will make your hair feel more rough and it also hinders hair growth. Many ladies don't like losing length, but when you get your hair trimmed, it will look better, feel better, it will be easier to style and easier to grow out.

Use water based products to moisturize

Butters and oils are great sealants that help prevent moisture loss, but on their own they do not moisturize your hair. Make sure the products that you are using to moisturize have water listed as the first ingredient if your goal is to moisturize your hair. Then if you desire you can follow up with an oil or butter to add shine to your hair and for moisture loss prevention.

Wash your hair at least once per week

Removing product buildup and hydrating your hair on a weekly basis keeps your hair feeling more soft and moisturized. Your first instinct when your hair feels dry may be to reach for more product, but after a while when you keep applying product if your hair still feels try this is a clear signal that it is time for a wash. You may want to avoid doing this, because you perceive wash day to be an all day affair, but guess what it doesn't have to be. With the right products you can literally wash and go in 20 to 30 minutes depending on your hair length.


Use a good leave in conditioner 

A good leave in conditioner will set the base for healthy hair and great style. Have you ever tried Rice Water for hair? If you have not do it. It leaves your hair feeling so amazingly soft! We offer a vanilla lavender fragranced Rice Water Leave In Conditioner (made with real rice water - no proteins or powders the real thing). This leave in is lightweight but yet leaves your hair feeling wonderfully hydrated, soft and shiny.

Follow these steps and you should see a difference in how your hair looks and feels. Most importantly, these are great tips to follow for overall more healthy and stylish hair.

By Ariane Williams

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