Is Rice Water Good for Your Hair?

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Is Rice Water Good For Your Hair?


Is Rice Water Good For Your Hair?

Rice Water has been used for centuries in Asian cultures to strengthen and nourish hair we are just now getting hip to it. It dates way back to being used in Japan in (794 to 1185).

Many naturals have anecdotal of accounts of Rice Water promoting hair growth and love to use it as a hair growth aid.

What is certain is that Rice Water is good for your hair in that it provides many essential vitamins like:

  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E
  • Folic Acid
  • Magnesium



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5 years ago, before creating our Rice Water Leave in Conditioner, I was very skeptical of how Rice Water could be of any benefit.

But, I am a adventurous so I tried it and I couldn't believe how soft my hair felt.

Nothing and I mean nothing, I have tried before made my hair feel this good!

I had to share this with other naturals and so the Rice Water Leave in Conditioner by Reclaim Your Crown was created.


Our Rice Water Leave in Conditioner is a must try because:

  • If you are struggling with dry, breaking hair and want to get all of the benefits of Rice Water without having to rinse it out, this product is for you. You can safely leave it in your hair to moisturize and set the base for the perfect style.
  • We use real Rice Water around here. We are not using a Rice Water extract or a Rice Oil like many other companies do. Often times big companies do not want to take the time to make Rice Water when they can simply throw in extracts, powders or an oil into their mix. We are making and using the real thing.
  • There are no worries about having to store this formula in a fridge. We use a paraben free preservative in our formula to prevent bacterial and mold growth.
  • Our product smells bomb! Many people love Rice Water but not necessarily its smell. We use lavender and vanilla essential oil for a lovely fragrance.
  • You can use Rice Water Leave in Conditioner with one of our stylers or any product. It is a lightweight way to get the moisture and nourishment your hair needs.
  • You can use Rice Water on any hair type/style: Straight, Curly, Coily, Relaxed or Pressed, Protective Styles and Locs.
Overall, Rice Water is the perfect way to moisturize your hair, give it essential vitamins and can be an exceptional aid in anyone's healthy hair growth journey. So if you are thinking about it, go for it and try Rice Water for your hair.
By Ariane Williams

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  • Sherry Ann Claffey

    Have tried everything in daughter hair but she always has rats in her hair and hard time of brushing need something her hair is long also

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