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All the Different Styles You Can Create with Flaxseed Gel

All the different ways flaxseed gel can be used to style hair

Flaxseed gel is an all purpose styling gel that can be used on all hair types. You can use flaxseed gel on coily hair, curly hair, locs, pressed hair and relaxed hair for sleek styling. See for yourself, here are photos of the beautiful styles that flaxseed gel can produce.

Finger Coils

Finger Coils using flaxseed gel

Wash and Go's

Wash and go using Reclaim Your Crown Flaxseed Gel

Twist Outs

Twist out using Flaxseed Gel

Braid Outs

Braid out using flaxseed gel

Re-Twist Locs

Sleek Styles

Flaxseed Gel on pressed hair

Flaxseed gel is an all natural styler derived from boiling flaxseeds in water. Shop flaxseed gel knowing that you are giving your hair a nutrient rich treat that will help you to create the style you love.


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