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No flaking, no crunchy curls; just moisture and great curl definition! The Best Wash n’ Go Hair product.

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Made with:

Flaxseed Gel

Vegetable Glycerin


Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid (Preservative)

Lavender Oil

Product is 6 oz

Potential Allergens
Our products may contain tree nuts (shea/coconut) and do have ingredients that may have been produced in a factory with wheat, egg or milk products, please keep this in mind when purchasing.

We DO NOT use:
Mineral Oil

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Weight .06 oz

4oz, 6oz

16 reviews for Curl Elixir

  1. Alana Valenzuela (verified owner)

    This stuff is liquid magic in a bottle!!! Better than the expensive stuff for my multi ethnic son’s type 3c hair that is super porous and can’t hold onto moisture for anything!!! His curls stay defined and popping FOR DAYS ya’ll!!!

  2. Crystal (verified owner)

    I would like to order more of this, this stuff is amazing, I’ve never had a wash n go this nice, this is the hair I dreamed of and admired other people’s hair but I can’t stop looking at it feeling it. I put this in my hair last Wednesday August 7th and it’s Sunday and it looks amazing, my hair looks like I have a twist but it is in fact a wash n go. I sat under the dryer to dry it.

    How big is the original size jar and how much does it cost?

    You have a new customer, I wish I could get this by Wednesday, I have an event coming up this weekend out of town.

    Please tell me how to order more.

  3. Desiree

    Reclaim Your Crown Curl Elixir

    This product is an excellent source for managing hair tangles as well as a curl elixir. It creates slippage to assist with detangling as well as definition to my hair texture. I used the product for the first on damp hair and was impressed with how easy it was to finger detangle and finger twist. No flakes and hair feels soft and manageable. I would recommend this product to others looking for a quick wash and go with definition! Thank you!

  4. Tyrus Stith (verified owner)

    I used this for a wash and go. My hair lasted four days to the next wash day. I had a soft and fluffy wash wash and go. There was boo gel cast. The moisture lasted the entire four days. I really like this product.

  5. Nyachom (verified owner)

    I love the way this product makes my curls pop! It also has lots of slip and keeps my 4C hair moisturized for much longer time. The extra slip has also reduced the amount of shed hair I have after detangling. Also love how it’s is not caky even though it’s a gel like consistency.

  6. catkins2002

    Update from previous 1 star review. I received a new bottle of the curl elixir to try and I must say I dont know what is put in this stuff but it works. Normally my hair will have a few curls here and there when it is wet but once it dries it’s a big frizzy mess and the curls are gone. I washed hair like normal and added the curl elixir. I made sure to apply in all areas of my hair and I just ran my fingers through instead of combing and brushing. My hair was soft and the curls stayed. If I could add pictures you could see the difference in my hair. The customer service was great and helpful. I definitely recommend this product.

  7. Christine (verified owner)

    Bought the trial size to see if it works.. Most of product came out of jar while trying to get it out. I applied to freshly washed hair. My hair was actually drier and full of flakes after using it. Did not define curls at all. Wish this would have worked for me.

  8. Eula Somerville (verified owner)

    This product is great! It gave me moisture that I needed for my hair. Will purchase larger size next time.

  9. vmanderson68 (verified owner)

    This stuff is wonderful! It’s magical. I got the moisture and curls I’ve wanted for so long…and my hair is not crunchy! If I could submit a photo I would. Buting more now!

  10. Frederia (verified owner)

    When I say this stuff is the bomb!! I mean the bomb!!! My hair was so moisturized and defined.

  11. Pamela Walker (verified owner)

    Did not feel a product buildup with the flaxseed gel. The flaxseed gel defined my short curls. I did use a leave-in condition before applying the flaxseed gel. My hair was soft and not hard and crunchy .

  12. Deana (verified owner)

    Really good product for my daughters wash and go….it defines the curls in her type 4 hair.

  13. Ruth (verified owner)

    Update to July review. I received a new sample of product. Tried it on freshly washed hair and my hair was so moisturized. My hair is usually dry after washing. Customer service is the best, they actually read reviews which is a rarity these days. Waiting for 6 oz to be back in stock.

  14. Spice

    This Elixir is Life 4 Naturalistas!!!! I ordered the trial size as I try different products regularly to see what works best with my hair type and hunty. This Curl Elixir by Reclaim your Crown showed up and showed out. I tried it as soon as I got it on my freshly washed hair and finger coiled and my curls were on lock not hard no flaking just silky to the touch, moisturized but not greasy , not dry just fabulousness. I plan to order more of this and the coconut milk to see what that does to my crown. I give it 5 stars. Up side is I got to try it for the price of s/h. Get you some and thank me later.

  15. Ruth (verified owner)

    Ordered trial size. Received and product is a liquid. Maybe temperature was too hot. Unable to get full benefit as I can’t get it to thicken. I thought it would be a gel therefore I could use less. Will wait for cooler weather to try again.

  16. Mandi Pandi (verified owner)

    Y’all win!!! This sh** is the bomb dot come. Wash n go, with ur spray leave in yap

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