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How to Define Type 4 Kinky-Coily Hair with Flaxseed Gel

How to define type 4 hair using flaxseed gel

If you have kinky-coily, type 4 and even 4c hair can achieve a wash and go look with flaxseed gel. The only difference from a type 3 natural is the time factor. Type 3 hair is already curly by nature so it doesn't take much to define it.

However, with kinky-coily hair you have to create the definition. Here's how you can create defined curls:

STEP#1 - Start with freshly washed hair 

It's important that you use a moisturizing shampoo that is non-drying to your hair. 


STEP #2 - Work in sections and apply an ample amount of flaxseed gel to towel dried damp hair

How to Apply Flaxseed Gel to Hair

Damp freshly washed hair is the perfect way to create beautifully defined curls. Product is distributed through the hair more evenly and it helps to give curls that pop that you love.


STEP #3 - Use your fingers or a detangling comb to define the curls

Defining type 4 hair with flaxseed gel

If your hair naturally does not have much curl definition you have to create it. Using your fingers or a comb to create the definition that your desire then move onto the next section. Once you are in a routine of doing this, even if you have to work to create the definition you will be able to do this in 20 minutes or less.


STEP #4 - Air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment

Curl definition using Flaxseed Gel

You can let your hair air dry or if you prefer you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser to evenly dry your hair and for more elongation. 







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