Ginger Scrub
Ginger Scrub
Ginger Scrub
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Ginger Scrub

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This scrub is perfect for those suffering from hyperpigmentation and dark spots. The Ginger and Lemon in this mix work well together to treat discoloration. Epsom Salt is used to give you the grit you need to exfoliate dead skin layers. While Honey and Tea Tree Oil's anti-bacterial properties heal acne breakouts. Reclaim Your Crown Ginger Scrub can be used on your face and your body.

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Directions: Apply to your skin, exfoliate and rinse! When you use on your face, if you have oily skin you can use as often as once per day. For dry skin, in cooler climates limit to twice per week, when the climate is warmer, you can use more often than this. This scrub is good for the whole body.

This product is 6 oz

Epsom Salt
Ginger Juice
Lemon Juice
Phenoxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol (and) Sorbic Acid (Preservative)
Tea Trea Oil

Potential Allergens
Our products may contain tree nuts (shea/coconut) and do have ingredients that may have been produced in a factory with wheat, egg or milk products, please keep this in mind when purchasing.

We DO NOT use:
Mineral Oil