Reclaim Your Crown Products

Reclaim Your Crown products are lightweight and give you the perfect balance of moisture your hair and body needs. That means that our products won’t give you flakes, hair boogies or none of that yuck. Products are handmade using fresh ingredients, some favorites included raw shea butter, organic coconut milk, safflower oil, ginger and honey.

Our Story

Founder Ariane Williams has been wearing natural hair for 10 years, researching and blogging about it for 7 years.

There were many great products that offered moisture but not many that offered the perfect balance. After experiencing product fails from either having hair that was too weighed down or flaked out, she started creating her own products using simple recipes and found that simple, is best.

Our Products DO NOT contain:

Mineral Oil

We use natural products and only use preservatives when absolutely necessary to prevent bacterial growth.
Water based products are highly prone to bacterial growth, as such preservatives are used to avoid this.

fresh shea butter

This isn’t the case with oils or butters which is why it isn’t used because it is not needed. Store our oils and butters in a cool dry place to keep them fresh.

Potential Allergens
Our products may contain tree nuts (shea/coconut) and do have ingredients that may have been produced in a factory with wheat, egg or milk products, please keep this in mind when purchasing.